Are you looking for crazy things to buy online?  We have lots of interesting stuff to buy.... but this shirt is wacky.

This is one of the longest graphic slogans that you'll ever read.  

It says:  "As a child, I was taught to fight fire with fire.  When I joined the fire department, my techniques were considered weird.  Eventually, I became a legend!"

Why did I make this funny t shirt?

The reason is simple.  The phrase "fight fire with fire" always bothered me.  You can't fight fire with fire.

When was the last time you saw someone shoot a blowtorch at a fire?  It never happens.  Water and sand are much more effective at putting out fires.

I know that people don't mean it literally.  I understand the meaning of the phrase but it still bothers. me.

Some phrases are just silly.  Like, when people say:  "whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger!"

That's not true either.  Lots of things don't kill you.  That doesn't mean that they'll make you stronger.

One time, I was hit be a car.  It didn't kill me but it didn't make me stronger.  I didn't join a weight lifting competition after it was over.

Many people fight the war on terror.  I fight the war against phrases that make no sense.

I can't fight this battle alone.  

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