This is the ultimate street harassment t shirt.

It's not anti anything.  It puts the "pro" back in protest.  This t shirt is actually pro male, pro humanity and pro love.

This may be the longest t shirt slogan ever created.  It may take people 2 minutes to read it but it'll be worth it.

Truer words have never been spoke.  Guys need to read this t shirt.  Not all guys but many guys.

I'm proud of whoever buys this slogan on a shirt.  

If you buy this t shirt, I'll give a percentage of my profits to charity.

I'm not sure if it'll be for animals, the homeless, a street harassment place etc....

I'll probably donate to animals in some way.  

I'm proud of whoever buys this shirt....not just because of the impactful statement.  

I'm mostly curious about someone that would wear this many words. This may be the most wordy shirt in the solar system.

Vanquish street harassment in style!

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