Every time You Harass a Girl on the Street.... I'm telling your mom.  Want to see what inspired this funny tee?

Go here for the amazing video that inspired this t shirt slogan.  

Street harassment perpetuates rape culture.

This is one of our longest funny t shirt slogans.  Lots of words on this top but they are all meaningful.

Girls should be able to walk anywhere without being harassed.  Following someone down the street that has no interest in you is ridiculous.

Females are harassed all over the planet.  More and more people are standing up to it (males & females)

If you see something....say something.  You would say something if it were your mom, sister or niece.

I know that it is scary to stick up for a stranger.  Just remember, that stranger is  somebody else's mom, niece or sister.  

Back to the point of this cute top.

Street harassers would be embarrassed if their moms found out.  It's amazing how moms fix everything.

If you see a guy harassing a girl on the street.... tell his mom!

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