I work on not judging people but it's a challenge for me...when it comes to child abusers.

This is why I abuse child abusers.

These are the same guys that get beat up in prison.  The sad part is that many of them were abused themselves.

It's a vicious cycle.  Child abuse is often about control.  Control is at the core of many self destructive habits***  The lack if control is also at the core.  It's about striking a balance.

People that cut themselves, overeat, take drugs.... it's all about control.  I'm not sure if it's all about control.  Control is definitely a major factor though.

As children, many abusers felt a lack of control.  Throughout life, those feelings were never resolved.

As adults, they now want to recreate the situation.  However, this time... they are in control.

Why am I getting so deep?  Let me get back to the shirt because even though I understand the abuser's pschology, I still want to beat him up!

I abuse child abusers when I see them.  If you see a child abuser, confront them or call the police.

They need to read your shirt and know that it's not ok.  The child needs you to step in so they know that the world is a safe place!





***I am not calling child abuse a habit.***

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