If you can't look at the head than don't eat meat!  So many people can eat sliced turkey.

Let's see those same people chase down and bite a turkey.

We're not natural carnivores.  Natural carnivores don't get heart disease.

Baby carnivores have an instinct to attack prey.

For example, baby vultures will peck at an injured rabbit.  Would a human baby do that?

Back to the point of the t shirt.  Many people will eat meat but they are disconnected from the process.

They don't want to know how this cow was killed.  They don't want to know about it's suffering.  

They don't want to know that animals are equal to us in their capacity to suffer.

The only thing that they want to know is how much it is per pound.  

It's easier to digest the experience if you are alienated from it.

Remind eat eaters in style.  This distinguished funny graphic tee will turn heads.

The 2 most popular places to wear this tee shirt are:

* The deli aisle of any supermarket

* Chinatown (for the tourists)

Stand up for animal rights in style!


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