Old Men Send Young Men to Fight for Them.  This is a simple fact.  Don't email me about females and new genders serving in the army too.

Duh.  I know that there are other genders that bravely serve in the army.  This tee shirt is calling out the old men that send us to war.

Do they ever fight?  Did they ever fight?  Would they allow their own children to fight on the front lines?

Do they believe in the cause that deeply?

What was the breakdown in communication that led to war?  Why was that breakdown not televised?

Old ladies are not sending us to war.  This is a fact.  Look at every country at war right now.  Do you see 1 grandma in charge?

This humorous t shirt cuts right to the truth!!

Available in many styles including organic.  We were one of the first funny t shirt sites to offer organic styles.  

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