This is an anti war shirt design that says "Start Gardens Not Wars"

We need gardens! Children today are spending more time playing indoors on gadgets vs going outside.  Children need to be involved with gardens.

When a kid gardens, yummy food can no longer be viewed as a mere commodity for utilization. Gardens allow juveniles the experience of interacting with nature.  Children get to see vegetables grow.  

Children are growing along with the vegetables and this facilitates critical thinking.  Children realize that they are not vegetables while gardening.  

Children that don't garden sometimes think they are dogs or vegetables.  Wait, what the hell am I saying?  Let me get back on track.

Gardening encourages students to develop in areas that traditional academics may ignore, such as self-esteem and social skills.  

The all-inclusive nature of gardening allows it to be integrated into almost any subject. 

Youngsters can use math while measuring plants and science while studying growth. They can make beautiful art based on what they see and experience.  

Students can practice reading while learning about sacred geometry.  They should also read up on the needs of the various plants.  

This shirt design is available in tons of shirt styles and colors.

Best of all a tree is planted with every purchase.

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