There has never been a better time to Support Hipster Rights.  It's open season on Hipsters.

We are living in the most politically correct time ever.  You can't make fun of any group without being called a bully.

For some reason, it's still ok to call someone a hipster in a mean way.  

This captivating t shirt is perfect for hipsters.  It's equally wonderful for the people that support hipster rights.

You don't have to be a hipster to support hipster rights.

The group that likes to make fun of hipsters the most are frat guys and yuppies.  How dare they?

Where would they be without hipsters?  Hipsters paved the way for them!

True Hipsters are like the Christopher Columbus of the Hood.

We move to rough areas before they are cool.  Hipsters transform warehouses into DIY msuic spaces in Bushwick, Oakland etc...

We transform abandoned lots into community gardens.  

We share a room with 2 people in order to save money in dangerous neighborhoods that will one day feel safe to you.

Once we move in, coffee shops open up.  We Gentrify neighborhoods and get yelled at for it.

Over time, people embrace us.  Every time we conquer a neighborhood... 4 establishments open up:

1.  A Bar with a Stage

2.  A Thai Restaurant

3.  A Coffee Shop

4.  A DIY Event Space

This funny t shirt is sure to make people smile.  Many people deny that they are hipster.  They also deny that they support hipster rights.

Break the trend.  Stand up for what is right.  Support Hipster Rights!



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