This is one of the longest t shirt slogans that you will ever read.  It states the truth:  We're living in the most violent time in human history but once it's over, we'll have 10,000 years of Unity!

Why did I design such a shirt?  How can I predict the future?  We'll always have wars right?  Wrong!!

Large scale wars did not always exist.  We will be going back to those times.

Once WWIII is over....cooperation will replace competition.  

We will no longer perpetuate the illusion of separation.  

Every problem on earth can be solved.  All we need to do is work together.

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This cute shirt is sure to get a great deal of attention.  The typography and image are original designs that were drawn by hand for Urban Mist.

You will not find this design anywhere else.  Purchase one as a gift for the peace loving friend in your life.

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Available in a variety of styles including pesticide free organic cotton.

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