While you are reading this...my drone is taking pictures of you.  We are living in a time when we are constantly being recorded.

They want you to fear them as if they were g-d.  They want you to feel the feeling of being observed.

You are most likely not being observed in real time.  Our movements and IP addresses are being recorded.

If we ever become an enemy than they simply rewind your movements.  Their software has already developed a profile of you.

However, your profile does not represent who you are.  You are more than your life experience.

You are a spirit that is having a human experience.  You are not a human having a spiritual experience.

We are here to learn valuable lessons and nourish our souls.  Some of those lessons came in the form of mistakes.

Don't let my drone worry you.  Even if you were caught on camera, I don't look at you any differently.

I believe in your spirit!

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