My name is Bruce and I am the captain of the Urban Mist ship. Let me tell you a little about myself so that you can learn more about me and understand how I became interested in running a T-shirt website.

Some people call me Bruce but others call me Brauce. The reason that some people call me Brauce is because when I was growing up I lived in multi-level house and my mother ran a business out of an office in the basement. When friends called my mother would answer the phone and scream my name at the top of her lungs louder and louder and louder. This was the only way I could hear her from all the way down in her basement office. To people on the phone it sounded like she was yelling Brauce instead of Bruce. I guess there were no hold buttons on phones in those days.  Luckily I didn’t have a long name like Bartholemue otherwise who knows what my nick name would have become.

Growing up I lived in a small suburban town. I have one brother who helps me with the website and he thinks of many of our most interesting slogans. Also we had 7 dogs growing up. But not all at the same time.  The most we had were two dogs at a time.  Some of our dogs had unusual names like Sammy, Baxter, Wolf, Agent 99, marshmallow, Brad Pit, and Freedom.  I loved our dogs and used to sometimes dress them in my old t-shirts.

Now you may be thinking that my parents were hippies to name a dog freedom.  But that was not the case. They just bought him at a pet store on Freedom Road and named him after the road.

Freedom was a great dog but he was an escape artist and was always running away. Somehow he was able to get over the fence or find a hole under it or just run right out the front door if we opened it even an inch. I am not sure why Freedom ran away so much, maybe he didn’t like us.

Whenever Freedom would run away my parents, my brother and I would have to walk through the streets looking for our dog Freedom. And we would have to scream Freedom, Freedom, Freedom come home! All through the streets at the top of our lungs until we could find our dog. The neighbors must have thought we were crazy to always be yelling Freedom in the streets. But we were just looking for our dog.

So how did this get me interested in running a T-Shirt website? I am not 100% sure but there is a theory. Most of the time when Freedom ran away he was wearing one of my old T-shirts and I guess subconsciously I felt that my t-shirts were running away and that I was always searching for my t-shirts while wandering through the streets yelling Freedom looking for our dog. It’s just a theory.

I hope you can browse our website and enjoy our unique line of designs that are both humorous and thought provoking. We specialize in creative t shirts for intelligent people! Our designs tend to be humorous and colorful and can be printed on many different styles of shirts such as long sleeve shirts, organic shirts, kid’s tops, baby tees and many, many more. We also have tons of colors to choose from.

All of our shirts are made to order and printed on our state of the art equipment, with the highest quality garments and are available in tons of shirt style and color combinations. We guarantee satisfaction. Our awesome tees have made Urban Mist world famous.

Best of all a tree is planted with every purchase made on our website. We do this through a program called Plant-It 2020. Every time a purchase on our website is made we make a donation to Plant-It 2020, and they plant a tree for us. You can see more about this program by clicking here.

Thank you for visiting and we'd love to hear from you so reach out and click here to send us a message.